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Wound string filter cartridges

Yarn wound string Cartridge Filter are made of chosen quality materials by special winding mode.It is a kind of cartridge structured with the textile fibers winded on the multi-hole frames.

The cartridge precision can be controlled by the winding density and lowness, the whole layout is characterized by dense and dynamic inside, and loosening outside, so this yarn wound filter cartridge have a good deep-level filtering, high dirt absorption capability and consequently a long service life, the other advantage is a low initial differential pressure and high flow rates .

  • Features
  • n Fits all the standard housing  

    n Low pressure drop,high dirt holding capacity and long service life 

    n Loose outer layers and tight inner layers offers effective depth filtration 

    n Various filter media fit with various applications 

  • Specifications

    Yarn MaterialPolypropylene/Polypropylene washed/Cotton 
    (bleached)/Polyester/Glass Fiber
    Length:10/20/30/40/50 inch,250/500/750/1000MM
    Diameter:Outside: 60/63/110/152mm; Inner Diameter:28/30/70/100mm
    Fineness ratingO.5/1/5/25/50/75/100/150/200/250/300µm
    Inner core material:Polypropylene/Stainless steel 304
    AdapterWithout adapter/Both side DOE with gasket/Double O-ring-adapter
     222 and end cap/Double O-ring-adapter 226 and end cap
  • Applications
  • ■   Waste water treatment            

    n Chemical industry 

    n Electroplating industry                      

    n PCB & Metal finishing 

    n Paint and coating industry 

    n Pharmaceutical industry 

    n Ink industry 

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