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Do You Know What Is ''Chunyun'' In China?
2020-01-17 17:55:50

Chunyun, also known as Spring Festival Travel Rush, is a large-scale phenomenon of high traffic pressure that occurs around the Chinese lunar New Year.

In 1979, the Chunyun exceeded 100 million person-times for the first time. Those people might not expect that this number would increase 30-times in 40 years. By 2020, the Chunyun will reach 3 billion, equivalent to two migrations of China's population, a half the world's population .


With China's rapid development, transportation modes have been upgraded to high-speed trains with a maximum speed of 380km/h. However, the phenomenon of "chunyun" and "ticket buying" still exists.Hundreds of millions of migrant workers try every means to get home during the Spring Festival travel rush.Only during the Spring Festival can I stay with my relatives in my hometown.It is very lucky to get a ticket to go home during the Spring Festival travel rush. People who can't get a ticket drive other means of transportation.

The Spring Festival travel rush in the past 40 years has changed the way people travel, the speed of trains and the route home.But always the same is the desire to reunite with family and never stop the pace of home.


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