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Melt Blown Non-woven Fabric

Melt-blown fabric is the most core material of mask, mainly uses polypropylene as the main material, the fiber diameter can reach 1 ~ 5 micron.The advantages of melt-blown fabric: more voids, fluffy structure, good anti-folding ability.The microfiber with unique capillary structure increases the number and surface area of fiber per unit area, so that the melt-blown fabric has good filtering, shielding, insulation and oil absorption.It can be used for air, liquid filtration materials, isolation materials, absorption materials, mask materials, warm materials, oil absorption materials and wiping cloth and other fields.

  • Features
  • 100% polypropylene nonwovens produced by the melt-blown process. It is an important component in the manufacture of face masks,which are ideal for high-risk environments.Its dense microfiber structure acts as an excellent barrier against particles and other contaminating agents,combining high filtration efficiency air permeability. It can also be combined with one or more spunbond layers to provide abrasion resistance and strength.

    1、Structure with fine or ultra-fine fiber,bigger total surface area

    2、High filtration efficiency and low resistance

    3、Can filter harmful particles as well as bacteria in the air 

    4、More stable filtration efficiency and longer service life 

    5、High porosity and small pore size

    6、Good chemical stability and wide temperature usage 

  • Specifications
  • 1Product NameMelt Blown non-woven fabric
    2Product ApplicationAs the mask raw material
    3Product FeaturesDust proof, anti-bacteria, eco-friendly, Water proof, breathable, super soft, very friendly to skin, etc
    4Material100% polypropylene
    8Packaging1, Rolled with the paper tube 
    2, Outer is packaged with the plastic bag and the plastic film
    10GradeWe can make normal,BFE90,95PFE99,N95,FFP1,FFP2 grade
  • Applications
  • Medical protect:

    Disposable face mask, surgical gown, protective clothes, patient clothes, operation cover, operation cap, shoe cover, sheet and so on.

    Sanitary and health:

    Baby diaper, feminine hygiene, hygiene pad, baby training trousers, incontinence pads, etc. cover of the high absorbent material after hydrophilic treatment, diaper edge for preventing leaking, diaper backing after composite with other material.

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