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HL Filter Donated For Epidemic Prevention Supplies

To Cooperate with the local government 's effort to fight the epidemic situation, HL FILTER donated a total of RMB 350,000 to the local Charity Association  for  Medi...

Do You Know What Is ''Chunyun'' In China?

Chunyun, also known as Spring Festival Travel Rush, is a large-scale phenomenon of high traffic pressure that occurs around the Chinese lunar New Year.In 1979, the Chunyun exc...

Arab International Cement Conference And Exhibition

Arab Union for Cement and Building Materials is an inter-Arab International organization, affiliated to the General Secretariat of the Arab League and the Council of Arab Economic ...

Donation Day Of Huilong

The Huilong Donation Fund established since January 2, 2019, every month of 16th is donation day,the participation rate of employees has increased from 50% to 75%.In acco...

FILTECH 2019 Germany

On October 22 – 24, We HL Filter participated the FILTECH 2019 Germany.The event was successfully completed.FILTECH 2019 Conference featured once again the latest advances and tech...

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