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Relationship Between Melt Blown Non-woven Fabric And Mask

Melt blown non-woven fabric is called the "heart" of medical surgical mask and KN95 mask in the industry. It is the filter layer in the middle of mask, with good filtration, shield...

KN95 Face Masks Of HL Are In Mass Production

Based on the experience of filtration material manufacturing and the support  of the local government, HL Filter invested millions RMB in early February ,builded an non-dust &...

HL Added Two Mask Production Line

In the beginning of 2020, the emergence of novel coronavirus caused a large number of shortages of medical protective equipment. Masks have become a necessity of life, but there is...

The Advantages Of Star Bag Cages

We customizes the bag cage according to the different needs of customers, and constantly updates and improves our products! Among the new products developed, compared with round ba...

FZ's Automatic Backwash Filter

To meet the requirement of low viscosity and high precision filtration, HL group(Shanghai Feizuo) has lau...

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